Vegan glass noodle and mango salad

This was unusual for me. I’m not a vegan, nor a vegetarian, but I was catering to a friend who was staying with me, and I did what had to be done.

To begin with I was a little overwhelmed, what could I cook that is vegan and actually tastes nice?? That was a little ignorant on my part, because as I found, it was actually pretty easy to come up with something. There was a whole other world of food (the vegan world) that I knew nothing about! While it hasn’t convinced me to become vegan (I was sneaky and added prawns and fish sauce to my own salad), it has opened my mind a little.

Scroll down for the recipe.


Vegan glass noodle and mango salad (1)

Vegan glass noodle and mango salad (2)

Vegan glass noodle and mango salad (3)

Vegan glass noodle and mango salad

IngredientsVegan glass noodle and mango salad (3)

1 packet vermicelli rice noodles (250g, 8.8oz)
1 packet of firm tofu, cut into chunks
75ml sesame oil
60ml lemon juice
40ml sweet chilli sauce
35ml soy sauce
30ml rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon palm sugar
1 fresh red chilli, diced
2 large capsicums, thinly sliced
2 carrots, julienned as thin as possible
1 ripe mango, julienned
½ large red onion, sliced thinly into half-moons
½ cucumber, julienned
1 tablespoon kekap manis (optional)

Note: 1 tablespoon = 15ml, 1 teaspoon = 5ml


  1. Cook the noodles by immersing them in boiling water and placing a tea towel over the bowl.
  2. When cooked, drain them, and lay out on a clean tea towel to dry off.
  3. While the noodles are drying, prepare the vegetables as described above.
  4. Mix the dressing by combining the sesame oil, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, palm sugar and chilli in a small bowl and stirring well. Taste for flavour balance, and add more if needed.
  5. In a wok, fry the tofu with a tablespoon of kekap manis (if you have any) and fry until golden.
  6. By now the noodles will be well dry, so throw them back into the bowl and toss through a teaspoon or so of sesame oil if they stick together.
  7. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and pour over the dressing. Mix well
  8. Divide into bowl and serve with a wedge of lime if you have any.

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