To dine on

Vegan glass noodle and mango salad

This was unusual for me. I’m not a vegan, nor a vegetarian, but I was catering to a friend who was staying with me, and I did what had to be done.

To begin with I was a little overwhelmed, what could I cook that is vegan and actually tastes nice?? That was a little ignorant on my part, because as I found, it was actually pretty easy to come up with something. There was a whole other world of food (the vegan world) that I knew nothing about! While it hasn’t convinced me to become vegan (I was sneaky and added prawns and fish sauce to my own salad), it has opened my mind a little.


Mi goreng

Right now a lot of people must be thinking of the indomie instant noodles. No, this isn’t about me cooking a packet of instant noodles.

This is tenfold better.

Mi goreng translates to ‘fried noodles’ (exciting, I know), and is common in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It’s another classic dish which has many variations, and this particular recipe, once again, was derived from Rick Stein’s fabulous Far Eastern Odyssey. It’s one of those meals you crave for ages after you eat it, and in fact I’m going to make it again tonight.


The best Pad Thai I’ll ever make

Growing up (well I’m still growing up, but you get the point) my dad cooked me all sorts of food from around the world, especially Asian food. Basically the only classic dish that was never cooked for me was Pad Thai, and as a result I would stuff my face with it almost every time I went out to a Thai restaurant.

But after finding this post by Chez Pim, I will never buy Pad Thai from a restaurant again. It changed everything


Turkish lamb with yoghurt and tomato relish

When you are really struggling to find the energy to cook (been there), but you want something delicious (been there even more so), look no further. This is relatively quick as far as nice dinners go; little effort but with huge satisfaction and crowd-pleasing abilities.

I made this in about 15 minutes, because my hangry (hungry + angry) family were hissing at me to hurry up and feed them. This came at a price, though. My beautiful thumbnail which I had been carefully manicuring for the past few weeks was almost sliced clean off.


Beef rendang with coconut and cucumber salad

Another day, another opportunity to eat until I hate myself.

Beef rendang is a rich, spicy curry made with plenty of coconut cream and coconut flesh. A slight sour taste from the tamarind juice is balanced out with brown sugar (or more traditionally, palm sugar), infused with kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass stalks and a hint of cinnamon.

Already you can tell it’s going to be great.


Creamy feta and roast capsicum pasta

I actually stumbled upon this pasta while attempting to use up the leftover feta in the fridge before it all went off. My boyfriend was slightly dubious when he learned that I was going to make feta and roast capsicum pasta for lunch, however his attitude changed after the first mouthful.

The lemon zest adds a subtle zing among the salty, tangy creaminess of the feta cheese, and the hint of sweetness which comes from the roast capsicum. Though freshly roasted capsicum would be ideal, you can use jarred ones like I have which still tastes delicious.